San Francisco Pen Show 2016

Before I get into my very late review of the SF Pen show, indulge me for a bit and let me give a little back story. Even though my day job is deep in nerd stuff, I’ve avoided blogging because I felt there was enough noise on the ‘net. I believed that I lacked any thing profound to write about  or for that matter that anyone would be interested in yet another blog. About a year ago I got involved in the the fountain pen community and read many excellent blogs but still didn’t feel the need to have my own blog then I went to the SF Pen show and I realized hey, I have a reason now! Whether anyone is interested is still a whole ‘nother matter.

Before we go any farther I have to add an apology and disclaimer. Since this was my first show it was also the first time taking pictures of said show. After I got home and looked at my show pics I realized that I could have done much better and more importantly I forgot to get names of many people. So please forgive me, if I get your name/company name wrong or miss it completely. I’ve learned a lot and next time will be better.

The San Francisco Pen show was the first pen show I’ve ever been to. I had been to some local small event and researched going to your first show. I thought I was ready boy was I wrong!

Pens Everywhere…Sooo many Pens, Inks, oh my…

With about 100 different tables it was fairly overwhelming I’m glad I had comfortable shoes and the All Access pass the let me in on Friday. I didn’t get there until late Friday but the 3 hours left in the day. Now I’ve been to many shows and conferences as both an exhibitor and an attendee. This Pen Show was by far the most friendly of any I have ever been to even during the busiest part of Saturday.

[3 months later]

ok so this blogging thing is more work then I expected and life has been “interesting” lately so just for a friend in Germany that was asking about pictures here are some of the pictures that I took I hope these give you feel for the show.

viscontiwatchWhile there were Visconti fountain pens all over the place I had never seen a Visconti watch before. I like this watch but like the pens this is a very pricy watch.

Greg Wedding was selling an Iron Gall Ink he had made but what was really cool was that he brought raw iron gall! I love knowing where stuff comes from and this was not what I thought Iron Gall looked like.

There was everything from the VERY tiny pens only a few centimeters long to the huge pens. To the left of the giant pens are normal size fountain pens.

Here are a few of over 100 vendors that were there.

Below are some of the other stuff the I saw that was interesting.

There were about 700 inks available for testing all in grids like the one below

Also Toys in the Attic had a $7,000 James bond set…very cool but $7,000… thats a really nice trip to Europe. I’ve been to several places in Europe but the only place I was able to visit in Germany was the Frankfurt airport. I hear that Dusseldorf is nice and from the pictures I have it sure looks that way.


After 3 days of the San Francisco Pen show.. this is what I ended up with is in the photo below. Even a Grail Pen — the OMAS 360 in Cranberry color. It was the most fun I’ve had in a long time largely because the people there were so nice.


For people that have never been to a pen show. Cash helps but is not always require thank to the fact that a most of the bigger vendors now have a Square card reader. Confortable shoes and a bottle of water and a snack are a requirement.


Thank You.

thank-you-800x497-480x330I want to take this public opportunity to thank some people in the Pen Community that have been been very helpful in my pen education. When I started getting interested in something more then just a  Pilot Varsity about a year ago, I  thought the only local retailer would a good place to start. They were helpful but I quickly realized that I had more questions than  they could answer so I turned to the internet and google searches and one thing lead to another.

In no particular order I would like the following:

I’m sure I’ve unintentionally left people out since I have so many bookmarked sites. If you’ve posted information about fountain pens, Inks or papers you have more then likely contributed to what I now know, Thank You.